From Sickness to Fitness

It has been two months since I received the certificate as a L1 trainer from crossfit and it has been a month and a half since I have been coaching at the newest box in Barcelona, Crossfit Poblenou. Whilst coaching the classes and introducing people to crossfit and watching them get hooked on it from the beginning has been incredibly fulfilling, what has me the most excited about coaching is the opportunity that I have to coach a particular individual.

A very close friend of mine who has not had great luck with his health in the last couple of years and who has not really helped himself with his lifestyle, has asked me if I could train him and try to help him to get back into shape, or to put it in crossfit terms, to bring him from a state of sickness to one of fitness.

We had been talking about the possibility of doing this for a few weeks now, and at the beginning I was not sure if he was going to follow through with it.  He had been saying he was going to come in so we could get started but things kept getting in the way. I was not very interested in training with him if he was only going to show up sporadically and not take it seriously. I am 100% committed to helping him as long as I see 100% commitment from his end as well.

However we have now trained three times in the past week and he seems extremely motivated to push forward and I am very excited to see how far we can take this and what kind of results we can achieve. In a past my life my friend had a personal trainer that he still raves about today and he has a solid base of how to move and knows how to push himself to get the work done. I am certain that he will make great gains very quickly. The main focus for now is to work on metabolic conditioning or cardio. I feel that if we can build a solid base of cardiovascular resistance then the rest of the work will be much easier. However all the programming comes from crossfit as I know of no better way to improve someone’s health as well as their fitness. Here below is the programming I came up with for the first three sessions.

Day 1: We went over some basic movements such as the squat, push-up, pull-up, and the row. Strength: Ring rows and push-ups WOD: 5 rounds 250 meter row 25 squats

Day 2: We went through some more basic movements, sit-ups, burpees, deadlifts, shoulder press and box jumps. Strength 5×5 push-ups (knees on the ground) + 1 minute AMRAP push-ups. WOD: 4 rounds 10 burpees 10 box jumps 20 walking lunge steps

Day 3: Skill work: Single Jump rope, wall ball, med ball clean. Strength: 10-8-6-4-6-8-10 ring rows, 1 minute rest in between sets WOD: 12 min AMRAP 10 wall balls (10lbs) 10 sit-ups 5 push press (15kg).

My first impressions are that he is fully dedicated to getting better and getting into shape. He pushes very hard during the workouts, to the point that many experienced crossfitters could learn a couple of things about pushing through pain.

There is however a big difference between his leg strength of which he has plenty and upper body strength of which he has hardly any.   To try and remedy this I plan on programming a lot of upper body exercises in the strength portion of the workout and allowing him to use his legs more for the workouts. I plan on splitting the strength days into push and pull sessions with different variations such as ring rows, push-ups, bench press, banded pull-ups to name a few.

I will be tracking all of the workouts and the results on the blog as well as his health meters with the hope that we start to see real change and share this journer with anyone who may be interested.


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