The Birthday Wod

I have been training my friend Iain for four weeks now and I must say that the progress he has made is very impressive. He has been coming to the box five times a week, and even though on some days his legs or his shoulders hurt, he gives it his all during every single workout.  The focus of the workouts has not changed much since the beginning, however I have been programming more movements that require upper body strength in the wods as well as in the strength portion of the workouts. The main intention remains to keep him moving at an elevated heart rate to gain some metabolic conditioning and stamina.  HIs strength has also increased, for example he could not complete 10 ring rows on his first session and he can now string 21 in a row during a wod, Progress like this has been the norm with most of his movements.

Last thursday was his 31st birthday so I programmed a special workout for him.  I decided to make it tougher than what he was used to, in part as a special treat for his birthday and also to gauge the progress we were making. The  night before I received a voice message from him about how excited he was that a t-shirt he had bought  a few weeks back was now too big for him. That was great motivation for me as a coach and hopefully for him to tackle the workout I had planned for him.

The wod consisted of

31 squats

31 single jump ropes

31 Kettlebell Swings

31 Ring Rows

31 Walking Lunge steps

310 meter row

31 wall balls (14lbs)

31 burpees

Plus an additional 31 barbell thrusters if he felt he could. He did them.

Total time 21 minutes.

He hit the wall on his burpees and seemed like he was going to stop a few times but he fought through them, all the while saying “You know I used to have a friend called Kevin”, and when he was done he said “Now that we’ve done all this we might as well do the thrusters”.


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