Nutrition, Health and Exercise: My Thoughts and a Guide to find helpful information.

Eating properly to live a healthy lifestyle is not very complicated.  Avoiding sugars and processed carbohydrates is essential, after that you can decide to be more or less strict with how balanced your diet is.  If you eat a lot of Vegetables and some fruit then you are on the right track to not having any health issues that can be caused by a bad diet (you would be shocked at how many illnesses are caused by unhealthy eating).

Even though it seems simple to eat healthy, poor food choices seem to be the number one cause of sickness and mortality rates around the world. Of all the people who have suffered from heart disease, type 2 diabetes or obesity, I wonder what percentage of them were fully aware of how their food choices were affecting their health?  The impression I get from speaking to people that are close and friendly to me, is that most of them are not fully aware of what kinds of effects unhealthy food has on them. Most of the time, if people do not get fat, they feel like they are lucky and consider that this means that they can eat whatever they want.  Weight gain is only one of the many symptoms of a poor diet, and by no means can someone be considered healthy or not by the simple fact of their being overweight or not.

This perception that many people have of weight gain being the only cause of a poor diet can be very dangerous for athletes and non-athletes alike.  In both cases a poor diet can have many negative effects that the person is not aware of. For the athlete the least of these is that a poor diet will have a negative effect on your performance, but the consequences could be much worse.

Nutrition is important if not basic to living a healthy life, so is exercise.  One is not more important than the other, and using one to overcome a lack of the other does not work either. For example someone who eats well but does not exercise will only ever reach a certain level of health, they may not have health problems but a lack of exercise will certainly affect them as they get older and lose functional use of their bodies.

I believe that people should be able to eat what they want, and live the lifestyles that they choose.  I do however think that it is important that people be aware of the consequences of their choices and be able to easily find healthy alternatives.  Below are some examples of where I go to find information on Nutrition and Health.

Barbell Shrugged

This is a website and weekly podcast that covers everything regarding strength and conditioning, including nutrition.  Here you can learn about what you need to eat in order to train to your maximal potential. They also have programs that you can join to help you with your goals, whether that is to gain muscle mass or to get lean. and The Crossfit Journal

Almost everyone who does crossfit will be familiar with this website that proposes a workout per day but the site also has a wealth of information regarding crossfit as well as nutrition. Whether it be a description of the type of diet they propose (see link below) to articles regarding nutrition in the crossfit journal here you can find a lot of information related to nutrition and health.

Nutrition Facts

This site is like an encyclopedia for nutrition. If you are interested in researching the pro’s and cons of a given ingredient you will be able to find the information here.

Eat to Perform

This is a site with a lot of interesting articles and information regarding nutrition mostly related to performance. Here you can find all kinds of information regarding what to eat depending on what your goals are.


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